Your game room, your family's beautiful space, an office, and even your rental passive income every month can be easily achieved by utilizing your unfinished basement area, but there are a few really important considerations to be discussed and analyzed, stay tuned.
Nobody wants their new investment to be broken down, or wreaked havoc on newly installed things, so when you get started on your basement finishing journey, be ready to use our starting point, and the starting point down below:

Waterproofing system for your basement place:
moisture barriers together with proper insulation will be installed before finishing the framing as we know the prior, exterior walls are made of concrete or brick and the best in this particular scenario is to have Rigid Insulation right up against the masonry wall. When all insulation and vapor panels are installed not speaking of the flooring yet, the metal studs or wood studs will be assembled and properly wired through, also temperature control systems will be placed, and ductwork before installing drywall

Waterproofing system for your basement flooring:
the concrete basement floor is susceptible to moisture and as a result there are specific considerations to be discussed. As for the walls, the flooring should have some additional moisture protection and that is DMX layers, other words - Plateau. Once it is down, OSB plywood panels are coming in and when they are installed you have a variety of choices for flooring ideas, let's say you want to go for: Vinyl tile or ceramic tiles, maybe you want engineered hardwood flooring - great idea!

Ceiling considerations:
an old house or a new house can define the height for your ceiling, as we know 7-8 feet height is adequate for most living basements in Toronto. Older houses have plumbing fixtures below the joist where you have to build a bit more framing there to meet the level for the future drywall or wood paneling. New houses have ready-to-go joists where finishing can be done a bit easier. In case we can go for leaving plumbing fixtures sticking out (some of them) for a more modern look!
Heating and cooling systems for your basement. We have several options for this: The first one is the Ductwork extended from the floors all the way to the flooring part for equal distribution of the heat all over the basement area. HVAC specialists can be hired. Electrical heaters can be installed at the floor level as well, and the last third solution for heating and cooling systems can be simple mini air conditioners for cooling and heating purposes in your living basement.

Due to basement space you can have several great ideas for the basement lighting, for example low profile LED ceiling fixtures, Pot lightning, and a few others to find in the stores. Lightning in the living basement is crucial as there is not enough excess sunlight.

Room for potential storage:
If you take a moment to think of what stuff you want to store in the basement you have to plan it correctly not to end up having not enough space or too much. Also, opt for different kinds of storage.
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